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A Call for Positive Role Models.

By Maisha Todd The Arab Spring of 2010 was well known for its uprisings in countries like Egypt and Syria, which started out promising but did not end that way. On the other hand, the tiny country of Tunisia, which … Continue reading

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Violence is the Arab response to American Free Speech

Protesters in Yemen – Huffington Post Tragically on the Tuesday September 11th, the 11th anniversary of 9/11, an attack on the US Embassy in Libya, killed well-respected U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three members of his staff.  Apparently the … Continue reading

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Follow the Money in Libya – A Response to the Ellen Brown Article

I find Ellen Brown’s argument to be specious at best.  According to her “Web of Debt” website , there simply isn’t enough gold in the world in order to back-up the currency in circulation.  She asserts that there is “hundreds … Continue reading

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When Does Nonviolent Action “Work”?

Why do some political uprisings succeed when others are brutally crushed?   What part does dialogue play in such movements?  And then, what constitutes success after the big demonstrations are over? My head has been spinning from all that has transpired … Continue reading

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