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Guns and Me

What kind of gun control makes sense?  The national conversation tends to be polarized between staunch pro-gun or anti-gun positions.  To break up polarized thinking and open  dialogue,  sometimes it helps to begin by asking people to tell their personal … Continue reading

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Strip Clubs, Trafficking, Soap and National Conventions

What is it about a big political convention or a Superbowl that turns guys on?  These seem to be especially testosterone-boosting events.  I’ve been fascinated by news stories about the excited preparations of strip club owners in Tampa as they … Continue reading

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What Questions Should We be Asking about Globalization?

Kathleen Kanet sends these thoughts about globalization that she wrote in 2003.  Unfortunately, they seem as pertinent today as they were nine years ago. Globalization refers to the process in which goods, services, and capital move more freely within and … Continue reading

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