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Network for Peace through Dialogue (formerly the Center of International Learning) was begun in 1985 by sociologists, theologians, and educators from Germany, the Philippines and the United States united by their world view and wanting to participate in transformative change. The Center was to provide ongoing learning, analysis and collaboration between people of the Northern and Southern hemispheres. There were two specific goals: to promote democratic processes and to work toward de-militarization. Thus since 1985 The Network for Peace through Dialogue has been dedicated to connecting grassroots communities, both local and global in order to identify and research common issues and solutions in the areas of making peace and promoting just action. Our objective is to provide a platform so that communities and societies can expand understanding and discuss their differences within a dynamic environment to help resolve conflicts and cooperate more fully. In all our programs we do so by analyzing, facilitating, and fostering dialogue, identifying solutions and sharing information.

“Prostitute?” “Sex Worker?” “Trafficked Person?” What Language Should We Use?

Not long ago I was traveling the subway system in New York around midnight. A lighted board told me that my train would be delayed, so I found a seat on a bench next to a very striking young woman. … Continue reading

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Why I Act to Oppose Human Trafficking

While viewing the documentary, “Singers in the Band,” I suddenly began to cry. The film was shown during an event co-sponsored by the Network for Peace through Dialogue in conjunction with the U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women meetings … Continue reading

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Locker Room Bullying: An Analyis

Jonathan Martin – the player for the Miami Dolphins who left football, at least temporarily, as a result of relentless locker room bullying – has prompted some voluminous soul-searching. (Whether it leads to meaningful action remains to be seen.) I … Continue reading

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Response to President Obama’s address to nation on 12-14-13

Response to  President Barack Obama Weekly Address December 14, 2013 In his weekly radio address on December 14, 2013 President Obama speaks of the terrible tragedy of Newtown and the sadness we feel over this and other school shootings.  He … Continue reading

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Teaching Empathy

Teaching children how to interact with others is as equally important as instruction in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Published April 10, 2013, on, here is an excerpt from David Levine’s article – Teaching Empathy: The Ancient Way Is Now … Continue reading

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Mass Shootings—Why do they happen?

As mass shootings and other school killings continued to make headlines in 2013, this fall students at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City bravely took on a play about the 1999 Columbine High School shooting — Columbinus. Although the … Continue reading

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Do Undocumented Immigrants Have Rights?

As I was following some of the discussions around the immigration reform here in the US, I had the opportunity to attend a Forum on Migration and Peace at the New York Law School last June 20 and 21.  The … Continue reading

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