We Might Extinct Ourselves- A Living Room Dialogue Reflection


Continuing our new program Our Common Ground we held our first Living Room Dialogue. The group present shared personal stories based on the question “How has your relationship with the earth changed or developed?”. Fiona Murray, a junior in college and youngest member of the group shared the following story.

“I felt a deep connection with the earth from childhood. I was raised by environmentally conscious parents and grew up eating organic food and food from farmer’s markets, and playing outside all of the time. When I went to college, I started learning more about and becoming more interested in doing self-research in the issues of the environment.

One of the things I noticed from my increased awareness was the dichotomy of my experience living in New York City. People mainly move to New York for their own self-gain, usually in terms of a career (just as I did in moving for college), however by moving to New York people are possibly much more environmentally friendly then they were before, since they probably take public transportation and live in smaller spaces. There is a strange disconnect between not being surrounded or physically close to nature, but generally being more environmentally friendly then those who live surrounded by nature.

Because of some of my insights into the environmental issue, I have made changes in my life to benefit the environment. For example, I no longer eat shrimp for both environmental and human trafficking reasons.

In terms of our relationship with the earth we are harming ourselves and the earth will continue long after us.
‘We might just extinguish ourselves’.”

By Fiona Murray

About networkforpeace

Network for Peace through Dialogue (formerly the Center of International Learning) was begun in 1985 by sociologists, theologians, and educators from Germany, the Philippines and the United States united by their world view and wanting to participate in transformative change. The Center was to provide ongoing learning, analysis and collaboration between people of the Northern and Southern hemispheres. There were two specific goals: to promote democratic processes and to work toward de-militarization. Thus since 1985 The Network for Peace through Dialogue has been dedicated to connecting grassroots communities, both local and global in order to identify and research common issues and solutions in the areas of making peace and promoting just action. Our objective is to provide a platform so that communities and societies can expand understanding and discuss their differences within a dynamic environment to help resolve conflicts and cooperate more fully. In all our programs we do so by analyzing, facilitating, and fostering dialogue, identifying solutions and sharing information.
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